The Castle & History

Château de Fonscolombe - Exterior

Château de Fonscolombe unveils its five- star hotel

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Château de Fonscolombe - Details

The story of a re-birth

Built in the heart of Provence in the Quattrocento style of the 18th century, this magnificent residence has belonged to two large families of humanists, that of the Marquis de Saporta and Fonscolombe. Its members are renowned in the sciences and weaponry, particularly in medicine and botany, as evidenced by their inventive friendship with Rabelais, their service with Henri de Navarre, and their correspondence with Darwin.

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Château de Fonscolombe - Surroundings

An architectural adventure

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Château de Fonscolombe - Interior

Le Château de Fonscolombe, 5-star hotel

Beginning with the front steps, Château life is discernible in each of its 50 rooms.

The historical salons of the Château, where echoes of the sumptuous receptions of the Saporta family still resound, are decorated with Genoa leathers and the Chinese wallpapers of the 18th century.

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